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We welcome you to's Advanced Word Planner.   

Advanced Word Planner is an excellent and high quality free word planner. You will find many features in it, such as by selecting countries and cities you can see which country or city has the status of which word and what is its CPC, not only that but it is toll free. It will also tell you the volume. You will not be charged for any number of searches.

This tool supports all these countries and cities:

Before you read the benefits of this tool, you should know which country and which city this tool supports. These are listed below respectively. You should take a closer look.

Austria , Bangladesh , Belgium , Bolivia , Brazil , Bulgaria , Canada , Chile , Colombia , CostaRica , Croatia , CzechRepublic , Denmark , Ecuador , Egypt , ElSalvador , Estonia , Finland , Germany , Greece , Guatemala ,HongKong , Hungary , India , Indonesia , Ireland , Italy , Japan , Malaysia , Mexico , Netherlands , New Zealand , Nicaragua , Norway , Paraguay , Peru , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russian , Federation , SaudiArabia , Singapore , Slovakia , Slovenia , SouthAfrica , Spain , SriLanka , Sweden , Switzerland , Taiwan , Thailand , Tunisia , Turkey , Ukraine , United Arab Emirates , United Kingdom , United States of America , Uruguay , Venezuela , Vietnam ,Serbia.

This is an introduction to the Keyword Planner that you are looking at. Now I will tell you its benefits and it is important for you to know these benefits so that you can know its importance.

Benefits of Keyword Planner:

Word choice

Rank posts and pages

website Growth

Increase traffic

High CPC

Quick AdSense Approval

Increase in earning

The traffic of your choice

Quickly rank on the first page of Google

Quick index in search engines

More benefits in less time

Word choice:

Choose the country or city of your choice for the word or topic you want to rank on and see which word is relevant to your topic and how much volume it has and how much CPC you are getting. After seeing all this, it will be easier for you to rank and you will be able to rank your posts or pages well and get high CPC.

Website Growth:

When your website contains all the words that people are looking for, your website will rank quickly. And how do you know which word is being searched and which is not, my brother, this is the solution to this problem, this tool will tell you which word is being searched and which is not.

High CPC:

When you search for a word to work with, you will obviously see the CPC of that word and its volume and in which city or country the word is in demand and which is not. If you look at all of these things, getting a high CPC will be a left-handed task for you. If you work hard, you will definitely get good results.

Quick AdSense Approval:

When your website is ranked and your website is in demand and your website adheres to the principles of AdSense, then you are sure to get AdSense approval soon. Apart from AdSense, there are other ADS companies, but I took the name AdSense because its demand is high.

Increase in earning:

When your website is approved by AdSense, you will be waiting to earn more or less. When you get a high CPC and your website ranks in Google, you don't have to worry, your hard work will pay off and your earnings will definitely increase.

Quick index in search engines:

When you use words that people are searching for and Google does not have them, in that case whatever good and useful article you write in this category, Google will quickly index it and search. Will deliver You know the platform for indexing posts or pages in Google and if you don't know then let me tell you you have to use Google search console to index your posts and pages in Google and its You can watch the procedure on YouTube. You will also need a sitemap that you can easily create by clicking here.

More benefits in less time:

There are many more benefits to using this tool. When you use it you will know that you have worked hard before but to no avail. When you use this tool you will notice that the website is already very good and is ranking in Google and users are increasing. Before that you were working hard without thinking you had no idea which word was being searched but when you find out you will enjoy working and you will progress day by day. I hope you know how to use this tool.

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