Where can you create a free blog ?

There are wordpress.com, wix.com and many other sites that allow you to create a free blog but Blogger.com is the best if you want to create a blog for free then we suggest you to work on blogger.com because it Better for you.

What is a Blogger ?

Blogging is something that we can use to convey and spread information and news quickly and this platform has become one of the most popular methods in the internet world. You can easily use it for your blogs for personal use, business, news and networking and that is what it is designed for.

how does it work ?

To work on Blogger you need a google account and then a beautiful template to be uploaded to your blog to make your blog look good. Ready to work, you can write articles on it and solve world problems.

Is blogger completely free ?

Yes Blogger is completely free because Blogger is owned by Google and all data hosted on Blogger is hosted on Google servers. If you want to work on it in a professional way then you have to buy custom domain and premium blogger template.

What is a blogger template ?

Blogger Template is a simple template that is created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and then various designs are added to make it beautiful.

Which template is best for blogger ?

There are many best templates for blogger but the best template for you is the category you want to work on. Spot is a news blogger template if you want to work on news. You can use this template for news, magazines, blogs and technology. If you have any other category you want to work on, bwptheme.net also has templates available for you to download and use easily.

How do I use Google Blogger ?

You don't need to work hard, you can easily use Blogger through your Gmail If you have any problems, the Google team works to solve your problems.

How do you download blogger template ?

You will find many sites to download blogger templates but from bwptheme.net you can easily get the templates by clicking the download button without any safe link if you have any problem in downloading the template. You will also get support from bwptheme.net.

How can you customize your Blogger template ?

You have to go to your blogger and then go to theme option if you want to change color etc then you have to click on customize button and if you want to add or delete something you have to edit ht ML must be clicked. Then you can do your work.

How do you get paid themes for your blog ?

There are many sites working for this which provide you blogger templates and help you like templatezy.com/ templateism.com/ soratemplates.com/ are verified sites you can easily download templates from them. 

How can you create a blog ?

Blog structure means the simple html interface of a blog or website. To make it three things are necessary which are in every site and blog without them it is impossible to have any site or blog No. 1 Header Section No. 2 Body Section No. 3 Footer Section You can learn these three things and make your Can create a site.

Which is better Blogger or WordPress ?

Both Blogger and WordPress are great blogging platforms. The main difference between Blogger and WordPress is that you can use plugins in WordPress but not in Blogger.

Can you use a WordPress theme on Blogger ?

Not exactly because blogger doesn't support PHP language so you can't use wordpress theme on blogger and you can't use blogger xml file as theme on wordpress that's why wordpress themes are different and Blogger templates are different.

How can you choose a template for your blog ?

It depends on you which template you want to work on and which one you don't because you have to choose the template according to your category and bwptheme.net has considered all kinds of categories and all the templates are available to you. You can easily find templates according to your category.

What is the best free blogging platform ?

Blogger.com is a free blogging and save platform that stands out from all other blogging services networks and is the most secure platform.

How can you find your blogger template name ?

You have to search in google, bang and yahoo etc. according to your category and see what is the name of the sites working according to your category then you have to keep similar names or you have to use tools for that. Also, if you go to any domain selling site and write the name of your category and click on the search button, you will see many domains, some of them have been sold and some of them are still available. Take a look and get an idea for your site name.