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About Mobile Support Test:

Friends Mobile Friendly Test is a great tool that allows you to easily test mobile sites. Here you can find out about the website's score in terms of mobile responsiveness.

Not surprisingly, Google has fined a number of sites over the past few years for providing poor experiences to mobile users, and it was later confirmed that Google is ranking overall for the Mobile Friendly Test and that Part of the quality. Due to the dramatic increase in the number of people coming to websites from mobile phones, it is important to make sure that the website is responsive and that those who use mobile phones can make good use of your website. It is to your advantage.

You can easily find many tools on the internet for mobile testing of your website, but this tool is great, it will tell you many things about your website at once, such as Redirect, Meta, Media Query, Stylesheet, You will be able to see all of them and if there is a problem, you will be able to solve it easily because the problem is known. Cross and good symbols will help you determine if your website is working well for mobile users.

If you are a developer, your first priority should always be a website that is mobile friendly and brings good results in case of mobile responsive test. By the way, let me tell you that Google nowadays gives a lot of importance to websites that are responsive, that is, they take less time to load and look good and beautiful on all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile. When you make a website mobile friendly, you not only satisfy your users but you also strive to significantly improve your website's search engine rankings.

How does a mobile friendly test help you?

As you know, nowadays most of the users want to access websites from mobile phones because mobile devices can go anywhere without any hassle compared to computers and laptops. This requires developers to provide the website with full functionality regardless of the device they are using. It is quite clear as I have told you that Google recognizes the importance of mobile friendly websites and Google attaches great importance to it and that is why Google has introduced its mobile friendly test. And the argument is that your website should be responsive. Mobile friendly testing is about how responsive and user friendly the website is and whether people can use it easily.
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