Website Speed Test |

Website Speed Test |

Website Speed Test & SEO Analyzer For Free

This SEO Analyzer will tell you about seven things you need to know to rank your website:

  1. score
  2. load time
  3. page size
  4. requests
  5. Response codes
  6. Content size
  7. Content requests
Here are seven things to look for when selecting yours: If you follow all that SEO Analyzer tells you, your website will be ranked in every search engine with a guarantee. Remember this is a free tool so please don't expect a premium from it but I want to convince you that it has all the features that can get your website ranked in Google.


Your website's score indicates how many of the 100 points your website has received and how healthy your website is.

load time:

This is the load time of your website. Indicates how long it takes for your website to load. And if the load time is high then you need to reduce it so that the user does not have any problem and they stay on your website longer.

page size:

page size Indicates how many KB's or how many MB's page is on your website. This will benefit you in doing SEO۔

Details of things you can see in the map I have tried my best for your convenience.

  1. Response codes
  2. Content size
  3. Content requests 

Response codes

200 OK29
204 No Content4
301 Moved Permanently1
302 Found0
401 Unauthorized0
403 Access Denied0
404 Not Found0

Content size

Script66.21%809.9 KB
Stylesheet13.4%163.9 KB
Document10.71%131 KB
Image8.5%103.9 KB
XHR1.09%13.4 KB
Other0.09%1.2 KB
Redirect0%0 KB

Content requests

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