Indexed Pages Finder Tool |

Indexed Pages Finder Tool |

check indexed pages on google and Bing

Using this tool you can check if your site is indexed in Google and Bing:

You should know that if you have a great site with top ranking, high traffic, and great content but that site is not indexed by Google then all this is useless because no one will visit your website. If there is no beneficiary then your site is useless. I will try to explain to you in simple words, for example, if you do not enroll in a school but buy its books and keep them decorated, then you will not benefit from it. Books are useless to you unless you enroll in this school. Similarly, if you consider Google as a school, and the website as books, then there is no point in having books. By the time you get to this school, I hope you understand. And it would not be wrong to say that indexing your website will be the first step of your SEO audit and it is essential for every new website.
Send Google to crawl site:
To do this you should use Google's indexing tool called Google Search Console in which you have to enter the URL of your site and in 48 hours this tool will start working and you will be able to index your website. Use a map that lets Google know what's on your website and make it easier to index, and your website will rank faster. And creating a sitemap is very easy. All you have to do is put a slash ( / ) in front of the URL of your website and then write sitemap.xml in front of it. Your sitemap will be ready.


This tool will not only show you the pages that are indexed in Google but also the pages of your website that are indexed in Bing ie you will get the result of two search engines in one tool.
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