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XML Sitemap Generator:

XML Sitemap Generator is a handy tool for web site mapping designed for the convenience of webmasters and for anyone who wants to map their website and rank their website. This will be a great SEO tool for everyone and will benefit them over time.
With this tool you can easily map your website. There are two simple things you can do to map your site.

1. Add a link to your site or blog.
2. Click the Generate button.

After doing these two things, you will have your Sitemap report report text file which you can also use in report.txt.

It doesn't matter if you are working on Blogger, you can still use this tool and do a great job at Seeing your site no matter who your site is. It doesn't matter where the site is running but it does matter if your site has a map. If so, this is fine if not you can easily build with this tool! This tool is designed for your convenience. You can use this sitemap generator for both Blogger and WordPress and easily get a perfect map of your site in just a few moments. After that you just have to go where you want to paste it and paste this map.
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