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The word friends is most popular in meta description and meta html tags, which are recommended by many search engine optimizer experts due to their many arguments. The first thing a blogger does after creating a meta is to submit their template to a search engine and then try to improve it by adding important meta tags to the template so that it can be ranked. For your convenience I have given above a simple meta tag generator tool which will help you to create an important and best meta tag in a few moments without any knowledge of SEO.
If you think meta tags are important to your site then you are right because meta tags are very important for your site as meta tags tell search engines and web crawlers that How to Index a Site And you should also know that meta tags have a great impact on your website traffic and its CPE, obviously all of these things affect your website. , Because meta tags play a vital role in good SEO. Of course, there are also tags that have little effect on your website rankings, but remember that they still benefit your site.

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are data that helps search engines and web crawlers index relevant page pages and provide relevant search results to users and quickly rank your website in search engines. For example, if you do not use meta tags, remember that Google and other search engines will not know the exact data of your website that needs to be indexed. For your convenience I list below the commonly used meta tags.

  1. Robots
  2. Viewport Tag
  3. Content-Type
  4. Meta Description
  5. Title Tag
  6. Hreflang Tags
  7. Open Graph Tags
  8. Canonical Tags

Whenever you search for something on Google, you see some results in front of you and in each result you first see the URL then you see the title. The title you see is this subtitle or custom Need post title. The description below the title is called meta description and you should use this meta description because Google prefers websites with meta description in the top positions. It also works great for your website traffic because every time someone searches for something on Google, they see two or three lines written below the title because of the traffic to your website. The same two or three lines are called meta-descriptions.
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